10 Things We Just Found Out About Ken Block's New Hoonipigasus Porsche 911

2022-06-30 16:57:54 By : Mr. bin chen

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The Head Hoonigan in Charge has a new toy to play with, a heavily customized vintage Porsche 911 dubbed the Hoonipigasus.

You've probably heard of Ken Block and his Hoonigan brand if you've been around the car scene long enough. Over the years, he has used cool custom cars in his Gymkhana videos, where he showcases breathtaking stunts and precision driving with plenty of burning rubber. These cars are often heavily modified with massive performance outputs, like the Ford Fiesta Olsbergs MSE, making 650hp from a tiny 2-liter Duratec engine. They also come with cool names like Hoonitruck or Hoonicorn.

It seems the hooliganism is hereditary, seeing Block is already letting his 15-year-old daughter dance around with his outrageously powerful stunt car. Now, The Head Hoonigan in Charge has added another toy for the family to play with, in the form of a heavily customized vintage Porsche 911 dubbed the Hoonipigasus. The car was unveiled a few weeks leading to the 1000 running of the Pike Peak International Hill Climb. Here are things we just found about the car.

The methanol-fueled Ford Mustang Hoonicon wasn't enough for Hoonigan, and this time they partnered with Porsche experts from BBi Autosport to build what is probably their best creation yet. The small independent team is led by founder Betim Berisha and driver Tanner Foust. Betim has always been obsessed with Porsches, and he worked for Porsche Motorsports before setting up his boutique shop.

They know a thing or two about the brutality of the Pike Peak challenge, seeing they've competed since 2014 and hold a record in Time Attack 1 class set in 2019, alongside eight podiums and five class wins. Last year they brought three Porsches entering three out of the six classes.

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Ken Block has appeared at Pikes Peaks for a while now. He first showed up with a Subaru WRX STi Group N rally car in 2005, but hadn't had a competitive outing since. The Hoonipigasus might be the car that finally kills the Pike Peak Open.

Major automakers and private racers have participated in the competition aptly dubbed "The Race to the Clouds" since 1916. It is a 12.42 miles course featuring 156 turns as you gain 4,725 feet to the finish line. The current record is 7 minutes 57.148 seconds, set in 2018 by Volkswagen's I.D R electric car.

The Porsche SVRSR started as a vintage Porsche 911, precisely a four-cylinder 912, and underwent a massive transformation to suit Block's driving style. The engine was moved from the traditional 911 rear position to the middle of the car. The exterior design was done by Oil Stain Lab, resulting in a custom widebody, and the car only shares the roof and some of the rear panels with the donor 911.

Joe Scarbo of Scarbo performance tinkered with the car to create the SVRSR before BBi transformed the car into a high-downforce, high-output beast we now have.

In the mid-section of the Hoonipigasus lies a 4-liter straight-six BBi developed engine borrowed from the 2017 Porsche GT3 R. It is a rev-happy engine, redlining at 9600rpm and running on methanol fuel. Key mods include twin Garret Motorsport turbochargers, three injectors per cylinder with one direct injection and two-port injection, twin Garrett 50mm Wastegates, KSV Looms bespoke harness, and Obsidian motorsport electronics calibration.

At sea level, the engine puts out 1400hp, which is expected to drop to 800hp at the top of Pikes Peak.

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The car received a full tube-frame chassis developed by Scarbo Performance, featuring a double a-arm pushrod suspension and K.W. Automotive 4-way Dampers. The 1400hp fire-breather is mated to a six-speed sequential transmission sending power to all four wheels. SADEV built the gearbox, transfer case, and front differential. This car is the first mid-engined 911 ever built with a full-time all-wheel drive.

A transmission tunnel dubbed the Chorizo Tunnel was fitted, running from shoulder height down to the front axle, contributing to a lower center of gravity while allowing the center driveshaft to split power with the front axle. The PFC brakes achieve stopping performance through the forged lightweight calipers in the front and rear with carbon-ceramic lightweight rotors.

BBi Autosport managed to infuse modern aero tech to mesh perfectly with the vintage feel. The car's aerodynamics were analyzed using computational fluid dynamics by Verus Engineering. Key features include front splitters accounting for 35% to 45% of total downforce, adjustable winglets for aero balance, vortex generators behind front wheels, a bespoke rear diffuser, a gigantic Verus Engineering V2X rear wing, and slick Toyo tires.

Since the car is wider than a factory car, it suffers aerodynamic issues from dirty air from the front tires and front fenders. The issue is corrected using a bargeboard, a complex airflow conditioner similar to what you find on F1 cars.

The car has vintage roots, but there is nothing vintage underneath, as it packs the best of modern tech sourced from industry leaders. Perhaps the most interesting electronic feature of the Hoonipigasus is the active height-adjustable GPS-based suspension, with real-time adjustments based on GPS data and using telemetry from last year's course.

Other notable electronics include engine management and electronics package by Obsidian Motorsport Group, twin Motect ECU, Bosch Motorsport power distribution module, and an Obsidian Inertia Measurement Unit for localization and navigation.

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Ken has built great Gymkhana series cars through his partnership with multiple companies like Ford Performance. They are often powerful and lightweight, and the latest car keeps with the theme. Every inch of the one-off car is well-thought-out, and Porsche, who built notoriously lightweight sports cars, helped with material and expertise to create the strongest and lightest chassis possible.

Body panels are built of lightweight carbon fiber, resulting in an overall weight of just 2,205 pounds, which is ridiculously light.

Yes, the Hoonipigasus is hard to miss with the pink but make no mistake, there is nothing feminine or girly about it as it packs testosterone for days. Instead, it pays homage to the legendary 1971 Porsche 917/20 "Pink Pig' Le Mans race car. The livery was created by Trouble Andrew aka GucciGhost, a Canadian snowboarder and street artist. He has worked before with Block and is behind the Ghost pattern livery for his Hyundai WRC rally car.

The car features the Pegasus emblem on the livery because of the partnership with Mobil 1. Its name is a mash-up of Hoonigan, the Pink Pig, and the Mobil 1 Pegasus logo.

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The pink pig didn't fly this year as expected, and Block will have to wait until 2023 to see how the Hoonipigasus fairs at the Pikes Peak. The lead-up to the Pikes run was marked with the splashy public debut of the Hoonipigasus in southern California and a promising outing at the Pueblo Motorsports Park in Colorado a month before the race.

Block pulled out of the race after an irreparable valve issue during the first practice, where they ran in 12th of 20 in the top two classes. The professional tire burner will be running again next year, and he will have a hard time beating Romain Dumas' 2018 record.

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